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Feeding the soul is an essential element of wholeness.

Feeding the soul is an essential element of wholeness regardless of one’s religious or non-religious background. 

Understanding your spiritual history is the first step in exploration of the soul. CAST Centers encourages you to explore and define your spirituality. Our spirituality at times can feel so expansive. Yet, at the same time, we often exude so much energy swimming against the current trying to find our way. 

"Spirituality is about being connected with one another and connected with the cosmos, it is the process of being healed, forgiven and empowered to go into the world to be fully alive." -Rev. Ed Bacon

According to Bacon, full unconditional love is the essence of spirituality, “It’s that experience of love that connects you with everyone, connects you with your past, connects you with your future, gives you hope and excitement about going into the next day, going into the next moment.”

CAST Centers shows individuals how to take the next step in exploring and developing a spirituality full of love that will bring connection to your past, present and future. 

Spirituality and the search for meaning is a deeply personal quest, as we each search for the sacred in different ways. What connects us all is the journey itself, the deep desire to find meaning and purpose to our lives.
— Sabrena Bryce