Cecelia Mylett, PSYD., LCSW

Executive Director

Dr. Cecelia Mylett, PSYD., LCSW, has extensive experience and skills in the development, delivery, and administration of outpatient Behavioral Health Care Services. Cecelia is the former Director of the Los Angeles Sunset and Pasadena Outpatients Service Clinics for Kaiser Permanente’s Department of Psychiatry.

Aliah Whitmore, IBW, HHC, LMT, PT

Program Director

Aliah Whitmore is a certified Integrative Breath Practitioner and an Integrative Health Counselor at CAST. Aliah’s Integrative Breathwork Practice has given her the opportunity to assist others in dealing with trauma, grief, addiction, and Identity issues. An in-depth study of nutrition became an important adjunct to her Somatic Breath Work.

Sabrena Bryce, MA RADT-1

Manager of Lifestyle Services

Sabrena Bryce is CAST’s Manager of Lifestyle Services. As a certified yoga instructor with a keen interest in the mind-body connection, she often incorporates psychosomatic tools and techniques, Jungian therapy, and mindfulness into her work.

Patrick O'Neil, MFA

Group Facilitator

Patrick O’Neil is CAST’s Group Facilitator. He previously worked in treatment as a primary residential drug and alcohol counselor in San Francisco. It was during this time that he realized that nurturing and cultivating one’s passion is an integral and essential part of recovery.

Clare Chisholm, MA

Neurofeedback Practitioner

Clare Chisholm has 18 years of experience as a biofeedback/neurofeedback practitioner. She specializes in sleep and anxiety disorders, including the treatment of PTSD.

Robert Oppenheimer, LCSW

Clinical Therapist

Robert Oppenheimer, LCSW is a clinical therapist at CAST. He brings years of experience in outpatient treatment programs. Working with adults in individual and group settings to provide appropriate therapeutic care. He received his Masters in Social Work from USC.

Katie Corrigan, M.A., LMFT

EMDR Therapist

Katie Corrigan is the EMDR Therapist at CAST Centers, working with clients to build resiliency and begin the process of healing past traumas  Katie is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in working with trauma, anxiety and career related issues.

Kara Pate, MA

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kara Pate has a passion to help others find freedom. She believes all people can experience life fully alive, regardless of what they struggle with.

Jessica Yaffa

Admissions Director

Ms. Yaffa has over thirteen years of experience in the field of mental health and addiction treatment. Jessica’s work includes overseeing admissions departments, directing business development strategies, spearheading start-up programs, and training staff both within and outside of the treatment industry on trauma-informed assessment, as well as ethical operating requirements.

Brittany Taralson

Admissions Coordinator

Brittany Taralson, CAST’s Admissions Coordinator, brings to CAST years of experience of working in the Addiction Recovery field. She is currently registered with CCAPP as an RADT-1 and is continuing education in addiction and psychology studies.

Mardet Homans

Office Manager

Mardet Homans, CAST’s office manager, is a recent graduate of Columbia University with a BA in psychology. In college, her focus was in abnormal psychology with a concentration in examining the neurological basis for clinical disorders. She plans to continue her education in addiction and psychology studies.

Taylor Marciano

Director of Residencies

Taylor Marciano comes to CAST with years of experience working in addiction treatment and recovery. She is dedicated to helping others in their personal journeys towards living happy and fulfilling lives. As an alumna of the CAST program, Taylor also has a personal interest in the field.

Charles Thomas

Lead Resident Advisor

Charles Thomas, Lead Resident Advisor, is dedicated to helping others recognize their potential while on the path to recovery. Charles comes to CAST after years of working in both residential treatment and various transitional living facilities.

Brendon Butler

Resident Advisor

Brendon Butler is a resident advisor at CAST. His own journey has included both working and engaging in treatment, which allows him broader insight into just how important and influential programs like CAST can be to someone struggling to embrace his or her best self.

Emma Koffroth

Resident Advisor

Emma Koffroth, Lead Resident Advisor, has a tenacious dedication to helping others on their journey to wellness. She has been involved in a number of spiritual and recovery-oriented programs for the past seven years and feels honored to help others on their own unique paths to sustainable, healthy living.

Mike Kroener

Resident Advisor

Mike Kroener was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He came to Los Angeles in 2011 to achieve sobriety for himself. After two years of sobriety, Mike realized he has a gift and passion for helping others struggling with addiction.

Tiadora Kim, MA, MFTir

Resident Advisor

Tiadora Kim is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern and Clinical Psychology doctoral student. She earned her MA in Clinical Psychology with a Marriage and Family Therapy specialization from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.

Salvador Rios

Resident Advisor

Salvador Rios is a Resident Adviser at CAST’s Transitional Living Facility who has spent over three years working in treatment. Salvador plays many roles in his profession. His positive attitude and good heart allows him to be great at his job. Salvador has experience working with addicts of all ages.