Brendon Butler

brendon butler

Resident Advisor

Brendon Butler is a resident advisor at CAST. His own journey has included both working and engaging in treatment, which allows him broader insight into just how important and influential programs like CAST can be to someone struggling to embrace his or her best self. Having known the stigma that can sometimes surround those who are seeking help, Brendon strives to create a compassionate and empowering atmosphere at our CAST apartments. Dedicated to the field of recovery, his goal has always been to help clients find a way to become greater than the sum of their parts. He hopes each resident at CAST becomes the best person that he or she could ever want to be. Growing up and receiving his education in Upstate New York, Brendon moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago and has steadily made working in the treatment field a priority. His passion is to inspire others to turn their lives around, just as he did.