Taylor Marciano

taylor marciano

Director of Residencies

Taylor Marciano comes to CAST with years of experience working in addiction treatment and recovery. She is dedicated to helping others in their personal journeys towards living happy and fulfilling lives. As an alumna of the CAST program, Taylor also has a personal interest in the field. She is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community and work with the same team that helped change her life.

In her role as CAST’s Director of Residences, Taylor supports the wellness and recovery efforts of residents at CAST’s Transitional Living Apartments by overseeing the property, staff, and resident care. She works closely with CAST’s outpatient staff to ensure that residents receive the best and most appropriate care for their individual needs. Drawing upon her personal and professional expertise, she ensures that residents have a safe and healthy home base where they can recover, reconnect to their strengths, and build their lives for the better.