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Corporate Packages


Take your company to the next level and invest in one of our corporate packages.   


Even when you’re at the top of your industry there are still opportunities to raise the level of success in your work. Build a corporate package that is customized to your team and industry. Stopping to invest in your team's personal development will directly affect your team's professional development. 

When you just focus on improving work performance and health, you are neglecting the natural connections between your personal beliefs, family/ relationship, and health you are neglecting some of the key building blocks to achieving your best self. Our goal is to take an inventory of your entire life or business so that we can work work with you or your business to create a framework of alignment across your company, your life, and everything you do. 


All of our packages are customizable and include the following objectives:

  • Inventory of team members' personality styles with a focus on the alignment with task and work output 
  • Team building activities 
  • Group Breathwork 
I think Cast offers a dynamic experience to clients that helps people fully experience their lives.
— Bob Oppenheimer