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Time away with a focus on self-improvement is never wasted.

Retreats are designed not only to re-energize the body, mind, and soul. They’re also for learning and exploring. Every retreat offers time for reflection, meditation, journaling, and a bit of pampering for the stress and weariness that our bodies collect. In addition, techniques focused on self-growth, revitalization of passion and purpose, and transformational practices like deep breath alignment are incorporated.

Typical Retreat Outline/Objectives

  • Specific time dedicated away to focus on areas that you want to change and grow 
  • Dedicated team members that are here to help support your growth
  • Time to reconnect with your body and gain understanding on how your body, soul, and spirit are connected 
  • Breathwork sessions 
  • Yoga workshops 


CAST’S philosophy is that there is no separation between the mind and the body; we are comprised of one unified system, a system whose health is defined by connection and by communication.
— Aliah Whitmore