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Heal and empower your life by attending one of our workshops.

Not everyone has the availability or resources to commit to the entire 8-week CAM program, so CAST frequently offers workshops to present portions of material. Workshops may focus on crafting a vision for your life, creating a strong, healthy value system, discovering personal passions, or identifying destructive habits and learning to break them. Every experience is designed to help you recognize that change is possible, given you create a solid foundation to support growth.



Workshops Available

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½ Day

“Start small; aim big” – that’s the philosophy behind this brief introduction to aspects of the CAM program. No matter how busy your schedule is, a half-day workshop is a worthy life-enhancing investment.


1 Day

This workshop is designed as an intensive immersion into the CAM program. Assessment paperwork is completed before the workshop so that the curriculum can be tailored to meet specific goals or needs. Generally, mindfulness exercises, integrated breathwork, and somatic experiencing are incorporated into the agenda.

2 ½ Day

Typically, this is a weekend experience that begins Friday afternoon and ends Sunday evening. It’s designed to cover the mental, emotional and spiritual highlights of the CAM program using both individual and group strategies.


5 Day

This workshop allows for exploration of the multi-faceted CAM program, as well as more relaxing aspects of wellness such as time at the spa, working with a trainer, and learning about nutrition.