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CAST Centers Alumni

Our Commitment

One of the things we are most dedicated to at CAST Centers is focusing on the healing of the whole self - mind, body, and soul. This does not end when the program is completed.

We are committed to our alumni and their continued health even after transition back into day-to-day activities.

While at CAST for treatment, clients will meet regularly with our Alumni Coordinator. The focus is to build a lasting relationship with future alumni - to discuss progress and unique challenges - and, most importantly, to develop a realistic plan for life after treatment.

Our Alumni Coordinator works closely with the clinicians and the case manager because we want the transition back into life to be smooth and filled with support. This means preparing for the transition while still in the program, and anticipating needs moving forward.

After Treatment


Once completing the program, CAST Centers alumni will continue to have regular check-ins with our Alumni Coordinator.

We want to provide continued support and guidance, because we believe our alumni’s future health and happiness are important.


There is an opportunity to participate in weekly Alumni Group meetings, which are facilitated by a member of our Clinical Team. In addition, we host regular special events for our alumni and current clients to come together and share their experiences.

This helps ground alumni and celebrate how far they have come, while also providing crucial support for people who are just beginning their recovery process.


Support for Loved Ones


The mission of Friends and Family Day is to create a supportive and educational space for the important people in your life. 

This is so they can gain experience and knowledge that will help them as they support you on your journey to healing.

Being a loved one of someone suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse disorders can feel overwhelming. We recognize that a support system is a critical component of the healing process, and believe that it is important for them to be a part of the treatment experience.

We regularly host a Family and Friends Day at our clinical offices in West Hollywood, CA.

We recognize that there are unique challenges each individual may face when suffering from mental illness and/or a substance abuse disorder.  

Many have found their breakthrough at CAST.
Are you ready to find yours?