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CAST Alignment Model


We use specific tools that are unique to build awareness & integration.

cast alignment model

The Cast Alignment Model (CAM) is unique in that it addresses the need for awareness and integration of the mental, emotional, and spiritual components of our lives. By using specific tools, experiential exercises, breathwork, and safe, supportive spaces, facilitators guide individuals to define goals, take responsibility for change, and transform the patterns that limit their lives. Although the ultimate aim of creating a vital, inspired life doesn’t change, the CAM model can be customized and adapted to the unique needs of diverse individuals and groups. 

The CAM is fully customizable to you. 

  • We help you define your goals and areas of life where you desire change.
  • We’ll utilize a variety of tools and exercises to help you achieve your goals. 
  • This modality can work for individuals, couples and groups. 
  • As you go through your experience, you’ll be assigned a facilitator to help guide you in your process.