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Top Ten Reasons Why West Hollywood Is The Destination For Recovery

When you think of Southern California do you immediately think recovery? Well you should, because the Huffington Post listed Los Angeles as one of the top ten American cities that make getting sober easier. The criterion that put L.A. at the top of the list is the extensive recovery services offered including drug treatment centers, sober living facilities, and an abundance of 12 step meetings. If one were to take that listing even further to include the neighborhoods and districts that make up the greater Los Angeles area then West Hollywood would not only be ahead of the pack, but a crucial element within the SoCal recovery landscape.

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Finding Safe Addiction Treatment As A Gay Man

Many of my LGBT friends used alcohol or drugs as a way to manage their anxiety, shame, and discomfort around dating and sex in our community. I was able to find an outpatient center in West Hollywood that finally was the right fit for me. The staff there were not just LGBT-friendly. The place was LGBT owned and operated, and the staff were LGBT-affirmative.

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