CAST Centers is a mental health and addiction treatment center in West Hollywood, CA.  

Founder and CEO of CAST Centers, Mike Bayer, is a regular contributor to “Dr. Phil”, television’s #1-rated daytime talk show.  ‘Coach Mike’ brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the ‘Dr. Phil’ team. Mike joins the “Dr. Phil” Advisory Board consisting of 18 of the most accomplished and respected health care professionals in the country.

I know it [roleplaying] seems a little silly, but it starts to get the brain and the mind to believe it is possible.
"You need to stop blaming each other. You both need to start looking inside, because unless you have some interest in how do you improve your own life and stop blaming each other, nothing is going to happen," Coach Mike says. "You can't be a victim and be empowered at the same time.
Coach Mike Bayer, a personal development coach, Dr. Phil Advisory Board member and show contributor, and CEO of CAST Centers, offers the estranged couple advice for moving forward.
CAST Centers Founder and CEO Coach Mike Bayer appears on the Dr. Phil Show, coaching 19 year old teen Katie on building self-esteem after she fell victim to an online predator.
Dr. Phil sends Coach Mike on a fact finding mission to help veteran Daniel with his challenges.

Coach Mike is a regular contributor to the Dr. Phil show. In this episode, Coach Mike helps veteran Daniel with his challenges.

On the Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Cecelia Mylett, Clinical Director at CAST Centers.

Dr. Phil calls in reinforcements, introducing Coach Mike. Coach Mike is a regular contributor to Dr. Phil and on the Dr. Phil Advisory Board.

Dr. Phil featured speaker on CAST on Tour Los Angeles. CAST on Tour brought celebrities and influencers together to make mental health mainstream.

CAST Centers is a Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Center is West Hollywood, CA.
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