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CAST Companion

Support through the Wellness Journey

In addition to other services in our treatment programs, CAST offers the option of a CAST Companion.  A CAST Companion provides additional support during the client’s wellness journey.  At CAST, our mission is to help an individual discover the freedom to be their best self—a CAST Companion may be part of that journey.

A Companion for Wellness, Sobriety, Mental Health, Recovery.

A CAST Companion can serve as a wellness companion, sober companion, mental health companion, or recovery companion. CAST Companions also can assist in other areas, including but not limited to the following:

  • A companion can help keep clients accountable and help them attend to their daily responsibilities, providing assistance in getting through the work day or attending school. Companions can help add structure to one’s day.

  • A companion can help clients practice life skills and support them in becoming more physically active or socially engaged.

  • A companion can accompany clients to help them participate in social events such as weddings, funerals, graduations, or family holidays.

  • A companion can help clients at healthcare appointments, providing support through transitions such as outpatient detox under a doctor’s supervision.

Many life circumstances are difficult to navigate alone.  A CAST Companion can assist with these challenges and provide motivation. A CAST Companion can be a crucial component in all stages of recovery to help clients stay on track and to solidify gains.

Stay on Track

CAST Companions may be needed for days, weeks, or months.  The level of involvement is determined by the clients and the recommendation of the CAST Clinical Team.  A CAST Companion can be there to provide support full time, part time, throughout the day, or during the night.

Days, Weeks, or Months

CAST Companions have a range of experience and expertise. The CAST Clinical Team  evaluates the client’s needs to determine the best match with a Companion. CAST Companions  work in conjunction with the  CAST Clinical Team and the client, as well as with the client’s family and external clinicians.

Experience and Expertise

Toward Best Self

The services provided by CAST Companions can be instrumental in supporting individuals in recovery moving toward becoming their best self.