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Family Day

Involvement in the Healing Process

Loving someone who is suffering from mental illness and/or addiction can feel overwhelming and hopeless. You may at times experience feelings of powerlessness, anxiety, and find yourself acting in ways you would not have ever imagined. These experiences are common.

At CAST Centers, we understand that mental health and addiction affect not only the individual, but the people they are close to, from parents, siblings, children, to partners. We also believe their involvement in the healing process is critical to the long-term and sustainable success of our clients.

Throughout the course of the day participants work on a myriad of issues including healthy boundaries, crisis and relapse management, planning for life after treatment, family and relationship dynamics, communication skills, and the opportunity for them to process their own experience in dealing with mental illness and addiction.

We thoroughly enjoyed your Family Education Day. It was a very inspiring and uplifting day. We feel more hopeful, validated, and so very blessed to have had the opportunity to get amazing care for our daughter at CAST!
— Susan R.

Destigmatize Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

The mission of the Family Day Program is to provide a hopeful, supportive and educational space for our clients’ loved ones. Through education, we aim to destigmatize mental health and addiction treatment. Through support, we aim to empower loved ones to begin their own healing process.

Our Family Day Program is held generally every 8 weeks on a Saturday at our clinical offices in West Hollywood, CA. The day is modeled off of a day of programming that our clients receive at the PHP level of care. It is staffed by our Alumni Coordinator, Clinical Director, our CEO and Founder, Therapists, and our Director of Admissions. This allows participants to get the very best help from professionals, and to also get to know the staff.

I really appreciated Family Education Day. It’s a comforting feeling being with others going through similar situations. I learned a lot about how CAST Centers and everyone else deals with their own loved ones. I am so thankful for CAST.
— Dan B.

Who is eligible to participate in our Family Day?

Our program is open to the family members and partners of CAST Centers current clients and alumni. Please contact us for more details and to reserve your seat at our next event.

I wanted to thank you so much for today, It was a very meaningful experience. It was so kind of everyone to give their time to us and give us a wonderful lunch. It was enlightening and comforting. I got so much out of it. Thank you so so much.
— Ashley T.