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Luna: Intensive Outpatient Program — Evening IOP


Luna: A unique program for individuals with busy days

CAST Centers is in network with Anthem Blue Cross, and accepts most PPO insurances.

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Evening IOP is not widely available for people seeking treatment for behavioral health issues. CAST Centers recognized that many people are in need of help that is provided at alternate times after the close of business or school.  Thus, we created Luna, based on our daytime program of Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Luna is a flexible immersion experience with multi-modality programming that emphasizes evidence-based practices.  Group therapy includes modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindful meditation, and psychoeducation. Our staff is committed to helping clients recover and work through underlying issues.

Participation in evening sessions of IOP helps clients continue their recovery journey by extending progress made in previous treatment and residential programs. The Luna program may be suitable for individuals who want to maintain their daily work or school schedule and who can prosper with an abbreviated evening program. Luna IOP in the evenings could be a key for such people to stay engaged in recovery.

Luna IOP is flexible to accommodate client needs and circumstances. For many clients, four weeks of three evening sessions per week may be appropriate.


Standard IOP Services

+ Group Therapy

Group therapy offers the chance for small groups of clients to meet regularly in a safe, comfortable space where talking, sharing, interacting, and discussing problems is facilitated and guided by a therapist. While guiding the group in self-discovery, the therapist also encourages group interaction. Many clients find that interacting in a group setting is more natural than one-on-one counseling and it affords participants the chance to experience empathy from other group members and to relieve the perception that they are alone in their struggles. Feedback from group members allows for constructive suggestions, shared insights, and a sense of camaraderie to develop and aid the healing process.

+ Psychiatric Services

CAST has close relationships with prominent Los Angeles-based, board-certified psychiatrists who have national reputations in the field of psychiatric medicine. We will schedule our clients as needed for a thorough psychiatric assessment with a doctor whose expertise best matches all of a client’s presenting needs. When medications are prescribed, the psychiatrist will meet regularly with the client and will also consult with the CAST team in order to integrate this piece into the overall treatment plan. Everyone works together as a team in a client’s care at CAST. And we encourage every client to be a proactive participant in their own care. The client, who is the most accurate reporter of the effects of prescribed medications, will always be engaged to be a voice in the team-wide conversation about psychiatric treatment.

Additional IOP Services

In addition to group therapy sessions and ongoing supervision of clients’ progress in recovery, the Luna IOP can provide additional services as desired by clients and as recommended by external clinicians. Options for additional treatment services may include individual counseling, formal case management, and life coaching. Clients also have access to our network of professionals who can provide a range of services such as nutritional counseling, personal fitness, yoga, financial planning, academic advising, career aptitude assessment, and time management.

Help for Families

At CAST Centers, we appreciate that our clients live in connection with others, which is why we offer family services. Family programs can be customized for individual clients and those who play integral roles in their lives. We are able to offer services ranging from phone support to intensive workshops (on weekends as necessary) targeting relationships that impact and are impacted by life-limiting conditions. Family services can be beneficial to the client in fortifying recovery and to the family in creating more desirable relationship patterns.