Brad Meier, PhD

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Clinical Director

Brad Meier, PhD, is CAST Centers’ Clinical Director.  He is licensed psychologist in the state of California. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia and his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Prior to joining CAST, he was the Counseling Director on the Health Science Campus of the University of Southern California for about eight years.  He also had a primary role in training aspiring substance abuse treatment professionals and guiding treatment teams for a large addiction treatment organization in California for 5 years.  

Before moving to Los Angeles in 2009, he provided services to and ran addiction treatment programs for the Psychiatry Department of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia for twelve years as well as oversaw a behavioral health department for a state hospital outside of Philadelphia.  

He approaches his work with clients from a “cognitive humanist” perspective and is a champion of Motivational Interviewing; thoroughly enjoying helping individuals to identify and overcome obstacles and behavioral inconsistencies with their goals. He is a firm believer in simple exercise as a component of mental wellness and is interested in helping individuals identify strengths, as well as incorporate routines and self-care approaches from the field of psychology in conjunction with other disciplines and traditions.   

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