Drug Abuse Treatment

The Truth About Drug Addiction

It is estimated that over 7 million Americans struggle with a drug abuse disorder every year. Though there are various reasons why people may become addicted to drugs, it is believed that 50% of substance abuse users inherited a predisposition to abuse.

Using drugs can feel emotionally isolating and frightening, however we want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle.

Drug Treatment at CAST Centers

At CAST Centers, we focus on recovery in all areas of your life. We understand the integration of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and believe that all of these elements must come together during the healing process.

We understand that each person’s experience with substance use and abuse is unique. When you join us at CAST for drug rehab, you will have a team of people dedicated to creating an individualized treatment program that takes into account your history, present, and future. We also understand that substance use and mental health problems often go hand in hand, which is why we focus on a holistic treatment approach that covers all areas of your life.

At CAST Centers, we offer an Intensive Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization Program (IOP/PHP) or Custom Outpatient Care. In both of these programs, we focus on making an individualized plan that works for you. While our substance use recovery programs require a minimum of four weeks commitment, many find that more time in the program can be incredibly beneficial. We are here to actively support you during every part of your journey toward a substance-free life.

We are here to discuss drug rehab treatment options and help you create a treatment plan.

Signs of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Individuals might experiment with drugs for a variety of reasons. Often the first time is in a social situation where others are also using. Other reasons for beginning drug use may include trying to self-medicate and reduce stress or anxiety. While early use might feel relatively harmless, addiction develops over time and can cause serious damage to the brain and the body.

You may feel some of the following symptoms if you are using or abusing these drugs:

  • Cocaine Abuse: Reduced appetite, agitation, high body temperature, insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, paranoia
  • Methamphetamine Abuse: Hyperactivity, alertness, euphoria, being extremely talkative, weight loss, dehydration, elevated body temperature
  • Opioids Abuse: Constipation, nausea, slowed breathing rate, drowsiness, confusion, poor coordination, increased pain with higher doses.
  • Marijuana Abuse: Increased appetite, confusion, lack of coordination, forgetfulness

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the line between abuse and addiction. If you or a family member are experiencing any of these behaviors or symptoms, it may be a sign of drug addiction.

Signs of drug addiction may include:

  • Changes in behavior, such as hostility or an increased desire for privacy
  • Poor professional performance, including repeatedly arriving late to work, feeling disinterested or unmotivated by work activities or requirements, not completing work on time, etc.
  • Challenges with school or school-related activities, including worsening grades or disinterest
  • Difficulties with finances, such as not paying the bills on time or struggling to make ends meet
  • Asking for money or additional financial support
  • Changes in eating habits, such as decreased or increased appetite, sudden weight gain or loss
  • Altered physical appearance or lack of care of physical appearance. 
  • Bloodshot eyes, sickly appearance, looking tired or worn out
  • Noticeable changes in relationships
  • Defensiveness when questioned about substance use

CAST Centers is a local drug rehab center in West Hollywood. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and work together towards a more fulfilled and empowered life, free from substance use and abuse.

CAST Centers is in network with Anthem Blue Cross, MHN Health Net and accepts most PPO insurances like Cigna, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare.

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