Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ’s


Does my insurance cover treatment?

Health insurance may cover part or all of a client’s treatment costs as insurance benefits differ from policy to policy. Searching for Addiction and Mental Health Treatment can be an overwhelming experience let us help you by calling today to have one of our admissions team provide a courtesy verification of insurance benefit coverage.


Will I see a therapist one on one?

At CAST Centers each treatment plan is individualized to meet the needs of the client. Each client begins their treatment at CAST Centers with an admission assessment with a therapist one on one to evaluate anxiety, depression, drug addiction, alcohol use, previous attempts at rehab that will then allow the therapist to make recommendations for the course of treatment.


What if I don’t have an addiction can I come to CAST?

CAST Centers is more than just a drug or alcohol rehab. Each day we help individuals who have been struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar and other mental health conditions.

Oftentimes, people will struggle with a combination of conditions which can be referred to as Dual Diagnosis or a Co-Occurring condition.

At CAST Centers in West Hollywood, California we take the entire person into account when creating the treatment plan for the best overall wellness outcome.


Will my family be involved in rehab?

Family members are encouraged to participate in supporting their loved one, with the clients written consent, by communicating with the CAST Centers clinical team for updates on progress and well as getting direction from the clinical team for personal self care.

Many families have felt isolated by addiction or mental health problems so family members will also be invited to attend the CAST Centers family day that will include education, camaraderie with other family members as well as clinically led group experience.


How is your Transitional Living different than Sober Living?

While our Transitional Living Apartments could also be considered a Sober Living environment, ours is a step above the majority of sober livings you will find in the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills areas. Our Transitional Living Apartments are staffed 24/7 by trained professionals who consult with your clinical team at CAST Centers to ensure continuity of care.

Most other sober livings are staffed by clients who have no training or certifications, are not registered with the California Consortium of Addiction Professionals and Programs, and who have only several months sober.

Additionally, we provide transport to outpatient services, doctors appointments, and outings. Other amenities included are a gym membership, grocery delivery, and housekeeping.