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At CAST Centers, we take an individualized approach to each client’s needs to evaluate support systems that may include family members and significant others. We recognize that there are unique challenges each family may face when a loved one is suffering from mental illness and/or a substance abuse disorder so it is important to support the entire family in the healing process.  

While participating in outpatient treatment at CAST Centers, each client will meet with their primary clinician to determine the best way to incorporate the family into the treatment plan. Involvement with family members may include weekly progress updates to discuss treatment goals. Family members may also have the opportunity to participate in counseling sessions if deemed appropriate by the client and clinician.  

If family members or loved ones require additional support for themselves, then the CAST Centers team can provide appropriate recommendations and referrals. Together the entire family can heal and grow while finding the freedom to be their best self!

CAST Centers is in network with Anthem Blue CrossMHN Health Net and accepts most PPO insurances like Cigna, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare.

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