Online Depression Treatment

By Mardet Homans

It’s fair to say that life can often be unpredictable and challenging for the average person. In addition to everyday obstacles, an individual suffering depression also struggles with overcoming emotional trials that the average person does not. For example, basic tasks like getting out of bed, commuting to work, interacting with coworkers, become monumental and often impossible to face; inevitably, the result is social isolation. 

Unfortunately, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, social isolation has become mandatory. As social creatures, it is safe to assume that many individuals’ emotional well-being will decline during this period of “social distancing.” For those diagnosed with depression, the current health crisis only furthers the ability to isolate. 

Luckily, it is possible to seek a solution, not only in response to the COVID-19 mandate, but also to the common effects of clinical depression. Although available for quite some time, online depression treatment has gained popularity in the past few years. Especially thanks to constantly evolving technologies, it is easier than ever to access treatment online from the comfort of one’s home. 

Although it may be simple to see the necessity of online depression treatment during COVID-19, one might otherwise ask “Why would someone seek online treatment instead of in-person treatment?” The reality is that many individuals do not have access to depression treatment in the vicinity and, instead of using distance as a barrier to seeking help, choose to participate in online treatment. Additionally, for someone suffering with depression, leaving the home can be intolerable. Online treatment eliminates the need for an individual to leave the home and still allows for therapeutic interaction. 

There are several different types of online depression treatment: some are focused on individual therapy and some concentrate on group therapy. One of the main advantages of group therapy is the potential to build a sense of community with the other group members. Not only does it allow an individual to discuss personal difficulties, but also connects the individual with others who may be experiencing similar issues and emotions. It has been demonstrated that “joining groups, and coming to identify with them, can alleviate depression”. Social groups alleviate depression. 

The effects of COVID-19 and the weight of clinical depression do not have to be an overwhelming obstacle to seeking help. Online depression treatment can be the answer that opens a door to previously unavailable mental health assistance. In fact, CAST Centers has been offering online depression treatment for over 10 years as a solution to those who find it difficult to access care. For more information, please visit CAST Center’s online treatment page.


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