Patrick O'Neil, RADT, MFA

patrick o'neil

Group Facilitator

Patrick O’Neil is CAST’s Group Facilitator. He previously worked in treatment as a primary residential drug and alcohol counselor in San Francisco. It was during this time that he realized that nurturing and cultivating one’s passion is an integral and essential part of recovery. Patrick encourages clients to discover and embrace their creativity and to pursue their passion in whatever medium, occupation, or career it may present itself. Patrick believes that through writing, art, theater, music, and dialogue, we can address self-defeating inner issues and bring about positive change.

Patrick holds a BFA in Film and an MFA in Creative Writing (nonfiction). He is an author, teacher, filmmaker, and musician. Patrick was a tour manager for numerous successful punk rock bands and has played bass and recorded with several of his own projects. His memoir, Gun Needle Spoon, chronicles his descent into addiction and the ensuing journey to regain his life. His two documentary films explore the often unexplored worlds of women in music and skateboarding.

Patrick teaches English and Creative Writing at two Los Angeles Universities and instructs private writing workshops. His most sought after writing courses encourage students to examine and reveal the effects of eating disorders and trauma.